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Adept Asset Solutions

About Us

For me, the core of what Adept Asset Solutions does is about family.  I started the company in 2013 to make estate planning local and straightforward.  I’ve been helping people like you manage their wealth and estates for thirty years, and I’d reached the point where I knew I could help people more effectively on my own.

I’m Tim.  I live with my family, Nicki, Jack and Coco (the dog!) in the lovely market town of Olney where Adept Asset Solutions is based.  We’re in the very North of Buckinghamshire between Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton.

When I was growing up, my uncle introduced me to the exciting world of stocks and shares.  It gave me a passion for helping money grow that has stayed with me.  When I got a family of my own, I appreciated why wealth management was critical.  It enabled me to protect my own family and plan for our future, so we can do the things we want when we want, plus weather the storms that life might blow our way.

Moreover, doing the same for other people and families is a very satisfying experience.  I love knowing my clients have peace of mind, knowing their wealth is protected and will stay in their family for generations to come.

I’ve looked at the hundreds of companies out there providing the legal services that the work I do for your needs.  I was most impressed with Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Limited, and they are whom I use to help me help you look after your family.  They’re a long-established company providing Legal Services, Probate, Professional Executor and Trustee services, and they have my complete trust.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing to see in my line of work is when someone comes to me too late when the money he or she has worked for all their life gets eaten up by taxes or by costs such as care homes; costs that they could protect against with forward planning.

Do you have any concerns about your planning and future?  I’d be happy to have an informal talk with you and help you to focus on the areas that might need some attention.   Whether you need a simple Will, advice on protecting your home from Care or have more complex issues, including Mitigating Tax, finding the right solution starts with a simple phone call. 

So, if you’ve any concerns about the future, call me and start taking back the control of your financial destiny. 

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