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I am married so I don't think I need a will. Doesn't my partner get everything when I die? 

The answer is maybe up to certain limits governed by Law. This depends on what you want. For instance, if you've been married before and if children are involved - the modern blended family - without planning can cause your children to be dis-inherited. Even in a simple situation, a Will ensures that everything goes where you want it to. 

What is an executor? 

An executor is a person or persons of your choosing who's duty it is to ensure the wishes of your Will are carried out and handle the execution of your estate, known as Probate. 

I've heard that putting my property into trust means that I can avoid paying care home fees. Is this correct? 

Purposely giving away Property & Savings to avoid care home fees is known as Deliberate Deprivation and this is likely to be challenged by the local authority. However, use of Trusts with the right advice may mitigate this issue, through Lifetime Trusts or Will Trusts, depending on circumstances. 

At what age should I write a will? 

The simple answer is any age if you have assets that you want to pass on to specific people. Without a will the laws of intestacy will apply. 
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